Hey there!

 Well, here we are in the middle of change. Of course, change is always with us only sometimes is more in our face than others. Currently, the biggest one is Covid-19. None of us are sure where this is going or when it will get under control so we just have to continue to pivot and move forward. 

Belles & Beaus won't change the fact that it's committed to its community. It will continue to add services such as delivery in local areas as well as curbside pick up and free shipping to make shopping with us an easy experience. We will continue to do regular Facebook and Instagram lives and videos so that you can keep up with what is going on in the store. We will continue to participate in as many community activities as we are invited to in any capacity that we are able. We will welcome you into a clean store that is open and easily maneuverable so that you may maintain social distancing, get around in a wheelchair, or maneuver a stroller.

Did you know that all the items of clothing that come into the store are steamed prior to being placed on the floor? They are. Additionally, we sanitize the clothes after being tried on so that if they aren't purchased by that friend, each piece is fresh and ready for it's next try on. Our shoes are also sanitized after each try on...if they aren't being worn out of the store :) 

We are still offering to special order items from lines like Wacoal, Trollbeads, NYDJ, Tribal, Liverpool, Hanky Panky our artists are really anyone that will answer the phone and ship us a piece. Shipping is taking a little longer than normal but it's happening.

We are open to serve. We are here for our community and committed to being the best local resource we can be. We are also committed to truth and kindness. 

Thank you for reading this and supporting us.


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